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Kids Cap Shack
by Westfield West Lakes

At Enque, we are passionate about the school holidays. So when the sun started shining for spring school holidays we thought, what better way to entertain the kids then to have them design their own cap. From there it was easy, the Kids Cap Shack was all go. With pens, glitter, felt stickers, feathers and much more to decorate with, the Kids Cap Shack was the ultimate school holiday destination.


We loved the Kids Cap Shack almost as much as the kids did. From concept design, install and activating, it was a pleasure to see this workshop bring extra smiles to the centre.



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Team Love
"The Cap Shack was such a fun concept loved by the kids and parents too! School holiday activations are an absolute favourite of mine, there is so much creativity and colour. Seeing the kids walking around the Centre wearing their hats was just so cute."

Leticia, Enque Activation Ambassador